A guide to choosing the perfect venue

Updated: Mar 5

Choosing the right venue is vital. It's the backdrop to your perfect day. I meet many brides at Penrose and I must admit that my favourites are the ones who arrive with a list of questions and their iPhone at the ready to capture ideas as they go.

Believe me, when your venue hunting and you're up to property number five on a hot summer day, you aren't going to remember much.

Take a notebook. Ask questions. Make notes. Take photos. Otherwise there's a strong chance you'll get home and struggle to remember what was where.

A few suggestions for questions to ask your venue manager. These will help you compare and contrast the places you've seen and work out which is the best for you:

- Can I fit all my guests here (seated or casual dining at the reception / seated at the ceremony etc)

- What does the venue provide?

- Does the venue have a list of preferred suppliers?

- Does the venue offer a rehearsal day?

- Is there parking?

- Is there a dressing room?

- Where would our guests stay?

- Where are the power supplies?

- Does the venue fit the style of wedding I want?

- How much does it cost? What are the extras I need to consider?

I hope these help. Feel free to share - and good luck with finding your perfect venue!

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