The romance of the Elopement...

Love the idea of a whirlwind wedding? Ready to run off into the sunset with the love of your life?

Although elopements are definitely smaller scale than your traditional ceremony there are still a few things that need to be planned before you can officially tie the knot.

- Do you have a favourite location in mind? If so, check that you don't need a permit to get married there. Many places don't allow you to rock up and get hitched without the proper licenses from the Shire

- Have you been in touch with a Celebrant? He/she will guide you through the process. An 'Intention to Marry' must be lodged at least a month prior to your ceremony, which may impact your spontaneity...

- Set your budget and stick to it. Easier said than done, but when you start talking to photographers, videographers, stylists, florists etc those dollars haemorrhage very quickly.

- Consider the feelings of close friends and family. Although you may be high on romance the guys left at home may feel a bit left out. Many couples let their nearest and dearest in on the secret early on, then send out an elopement announcement after the ceremony.

- Do what YOU want. Even with a small ceremony there will be pressure from all angles. But remember that this is your day. Do whatever makes the pair of you happy.

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